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000 yuan. A 5● percent increa●se means c○ustomers have to◆ pay 200 yuan mor○e for the s■ame product. The■ China Hom◆e Electronics Appl■iance Association sa○ys prices for ●home applianc◆es have increased 〓15 percent since 〓the start

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nces ◆new looks.One shop○per said "If t○he price is accept○able, I am okay ●with the new■ functions. ■But if the funct●ions aren't practica〓l and are very expen●sive, I won'◆t buy it."Experts 〓say continued ○price hikes ■for oil, steel and n●on-ferrous metals wi●ll keep the ●pressure on home a●ppliance manufactur◆ers.Rural ■consumption has ○always played a ke

y〓 role in boosting d■omestic consump■tion, especiall〓y amid the globa○l financia◆l crisis. Now more p○rovinces and c◆ities acros◆s China are ben●efiting from a pilot■ program that o〓ffers subsidies t●o farmers buying hom○e appliances●. If everyth●ing goes smo〓othly, the program ■will further expand ◆in February o○f next year.Un○der the subsid○y scheme, the● central gov◆ernment gives ●farmers a 13 perce◆nt subsidy on purcha○ses of cert